Current Information on the Use of the BBF and its Online Services After the Cyber Attack

Update: 20.5.2023

You may have attempted to access a digitized text/picture, the archive database or one of our digital archives/online-platforms and were directed to this page because our services are currently unavailable or only partially available as a result of a cyber attack.

Please check this page to learn what the current restrictions are and what alternative ways we can provide for you to access the materials/information you are looking for. The information will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Digital Archives, Online Platforms and Catalogs

Currently not available:

Our databases and online platforms will be successively relaunched. All digital identifiers (URNs/DOIs) you have priviously saved or cited will work again.

The following applies to all digital services:

Contact us if you need something that is not currently available online. We can make specific texts and images available. The originals of the digitized material, insofar as they are from the BBF, can of course also be used on site. Here we kindly ask you, especially if you wish to view larger holdings, to contact us in advance, preferably by mail.

Currently available:

However, the links therein to ScriptaPaedagogica or PicturaPaedagogica do not work.

On-site Use and Contact

We are open as usual. The BBF WLAN is available again, Eduroam unfortunately not yet. You can also place scan orders again. Please note, that many BBF employees have new e-mail addresses (mails to the old e-mail address will be forwarded to the new one): new personal e-mail addresses

Information on the Use of the Archive

  • The archive database is currently not available, neither internally nor externally.
  • Archival materials can be viewed on site, please make an appointment by e-mail, we cannot accomodate spontaneous visits at this time.
  • You can order and use archival materials whose signatures are known to you without restriction. For all other archival materials, use depends on whether you or we can determine the signatures or location.
  • Alternative search options:
    • At Archivportal-D, you will find an overview of most of the archive holdings with a brief description.
    • You can access some digital finding aids on the open access repository PeDOCS.
    • Additional printed finding aids are available on site.
  • Just write us what you need or are looking for, we will try to help you and let you know as soon as possible if and what is currently possible. Please understand that at the moment, answering your request may take several days.
  • Special note on the digitized Prussian Elementary School Teachers' Index as well as on the Personnel Records of the Teachers at Prussian Higher Schools: On request, we will gladly conduct searches for individual persons in the original records; the digitized copies are currently unavailable .

We apologize for any inconveniences and kindly ask for your understanding and patience. We will keep you up to date of any further developments concerning the BBF and its services.

Your BBF Team