Indexing the Legacy of Gerhard Stierand

Subject to funding from the Friends of the BBF, in the project the papers left by the educational scientist and educational historian from the GDR, Gerhard Stierand (1934–2005), were indexed.

Project Description

While working at the Department for General Pedagogy at the Institute for Theory and History of Pedagogy, Academy for the Pedagogical Sciences in the GDR, Gerhard Stierand (1934–2005) mainly focused on the methodology of pedagogical sciences and terminological issues, particularly of the Marxist-Leninist pedagogy.

Stierand’s papers contain material regarding his collaboration in writing teacher manuals, co-written by scientists from the Soviet Union, and reference works, manuscripts written while working at the Academy and lecture notes from his teaching post at the University of Leipzig.

The complete papers amount to 10 running meters. They have been completely indexed in the archive database:


From the Papers

The development of the discipline “General Pedagogy” in the GDR can be traced very well in Stierand's papers. In the GDR, “general pedagogy” was disputed and its existence was often challenged. The papers place their focus on the work Stierand and his colleagues at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences in the GDR (APW) pursued regarding the thematic scope and the categorial framework of general pedagogy and respective discussions.

The papers furthermore document endeavours concerning terminology, and its uniform use in educational scientific publications but also in curricula for school education in the GDR.

Finally, Stierand’s papers contain the manuscripts for the lectures he held between 1985 and 1992 at the University of Leipzig, wherein he tried to implement his general pedagogical approach. A series of booklets documents the lectures he and other lecturers held at colloquia for general pedagogy he initiated at the University of Leipzig.


Indexing of Stierand’s papers was funded by the Friends of the BBF.

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  • Dr. Ursula Basikow

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