Friends of the BBF

The "Förderkreis Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung e.V. " (Association of Friends of the BBF | Research Library for the History of Education) was founded in 1990. It intends to bring together all people interested in strengthening the profile of the BBF as a cultural-scientific research institution and want to support the BBF by material and non-material means.

Goals and Tasks of the Förderkreis

  • Organizing conferences, lectures and exhibitions together with the BBF,
  • Sponsoring acquisitions and conservation measures foritems from the  precious old holdings.
  • Supporting cataloging and digitizing of library and achival items,
  • Offering special guided tours to its members and
  • Informing its members on the activities of the Förderkreis and the BBF.

Managing Board and Contact

Members of the Managing Board:

  • Prof. Andreas Fritsch (chairman),
  • Dr. Gudrun Wedel (deputy chairwoman),
  • Fanny Isensee, M.A. (chairwoman),
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Kipf and
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Tosch.


Prof. Andreas Fritsch
c/o BBF | Research Library for the History of Education
Department of
DIPF | Institute for Research and Information in Education
10243 Berlin
E-mail: fb2VyZGVya3JlaXMtYmJmQGRpcGYuZGU=

Bank Account:

Förderkreis Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung e.V.
IBAN: DE80 1203 0000 0000 4465 42

Membership and Statutes

The annual membership fee is 15 € for personal memberships and 30 € for institutional memberships.

Information Material