As a research library, the BBF also liaises with other national and international institutions and organizations. They collaborate in providing services to scientists teaching and researching on the history of education in the German-speaking area.

Collaboration with the Humboldt-University Berlin

Researchers at the BBF liaise particularly closely with the Department for the History of Education at the Humboldt University Berlin, and a respective cooperation agreement has been contracted. Not only does the Director of the BBF hold a university professorship there, all of the BBF researchers are involved in teaching at the Humboldt University. Thereby, the BBF researchers actively contribute to the development of the discipline at university level, yet they are also engaged in related disciplines, e.g. History, Cultural Science, German studies and other subject didactics.

Collaboration with Professional Societies

The BBF has contracted an agreement to cooperate with the Devision for the History of Education, i.e. the association for educational historians in the German Educational Research Association (DGfE). Together, they regularly organize events, for example to advise and train young researchers on methods. The BBF acts as a managing office for the joint edition the Yearbook on the History of Education (Jahrbuch für Historische Bildungsforschung). A permanent co-operation has also been established with the global association of educational historians, i.e. the International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE): the BBF archive stores papers from the ISCHE. A similar archiving agreement has been signed with the DGfE.

International Co-operation With Universities

The BBF has also contracted a co-operation agreement with the  Zentrum für Schulgeschichte der Pädagogischen Hochschule Zürich (Center for the History of Schools, Pedagogical University Zurich) in Switzerland which also runs a library and a school historical archive: The institutes jointly plan colloquia, conference panels and other events. Moreover, they are working on guidelines for the future publication of indexing data on shared platforms. Both institutes are planning a joint edition of sources to publish material from their archived stocks. The publication will present letters of teachers and teacher educators from the early 19th century who had visited Pestalozzi. This online edition will serve the purpose of documenting this group of school reformers in the context of their transnational connections.

Subject to other DIPF co-operations, the BBF is engaged in even more activities. Together with SISU (Shanghai International Studies University, China), the BBF is preparing a 15-volume edition of classical German texts on pedagogy that are translated into Chinese. The BBF also co-operates with École Normale Superieure (ENS) in Lyon (France); joint doctoral degree programmes are planned, for example on the history of teaching German in France, and visiting professorships are projected.

Networking of Information and Infrastructure Services

In different research and online infrastructure projects as well as online portals,  the BBF co-operates with other universities and institutions, e.g. libraries and archives of the Leibniz Association (the BBF has for a long time been engaged in respective work groups of the Leibniz Association). For example, in several areas the BBF has been collaborating with the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute (GEI) in Brunswick, a culture-history and history institute for international research on school media. Moreover, further and in some cases long-standing cooperations exist with the "Digital History Devision" at the Humboldt University Berlin (Clio-online), the Göttingen State and University Library (DigiZeitschriften), the University of Hildesheim (Pictura Paedagogica) or the Federal Archives (deposits). The BBF is also involved in the historical science group of the network CLARIN-D.