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About Us

About Us

The BBF in Berlin is an international research library with outstanding library and archival holdings relating to the history of education in Germany. The BBF is also a center for research on the history of education in Germany. The BBF is a department of the DIPF, Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education.

The BBF is a research library with three closely interlinked areas of work: archive, library and research.

The BBF library is engaged in classical librarian fields of tasks – acquisition, indexing, use and preservation of printed stock. Moreover, the BBF library also focuses on activities in the area of digitization and Digital Humanities.

The archive is organizationally structured into two areas, i.e. the Historical Archive and the Institutional Archive of the DIPF. Subject to the Historical Archive, documents that are relevant for studying the history of education are processed for use, originating from private and institutional provenances, e.g. papers left by pedagogues. The material is prepared for scientific use, pursuant to archival standards. The Historical Archive actively acquires new collections. The DIPF Archive administers and indexes the institutional documents.

The research area benefits from the excellent library and archive holdings and the competencies of the responsible staff. At the same time, the researchers and their work are contributing to the further development of the scientific infrastructure at the BBF.

last modified Dec 12, 2018