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Searching & Finding

Searching & Finding

Searching and finding made easy! By providing a broad range of catalogs and portals that are openly accessible on the web, the BBF enables immediate and easy access to its holdings.


The library catalog and the archive database, together with the German database of journals, constitute the most important instruments for research in our holdings.Modern user interfaces with cutting-edge search technology provide for quick and efficient retrieval of data from our library and archive collections. All these services are freely accessible on the internet. Just a few clicks will lead you to the display of matches, showing all the relevant information regarding availability. In addition, a special database informs you about the publications by BBF staff members.

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Open Access Digital Libraries

Selected parts of the BBF holdings have been digitized and are openly accessible via the internet. These digital collections have sometimes been compiled in co-operation with other institutions, or the BBF has contributed to digital libraries of partners. All libraries are continually being expanded.

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Online Editions

The BBF provides online editions of selected historical texts on education. The texts have been processed according to the guidelines issued by the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), assuring long-term availability.

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Further Digital Resources

The Frankfurt Research Library of DIPF and the BBF offer access to electronic journals and databases of external providers. Some of these services are freely accessible, for other services, access is limited to the BBF premises by licensing terms.

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Information Gateways

The BBF cooperates regarding the provision of portals in the area of educational research and history which comprise diverse information services, e.g. reviews, reference databases, directories of institutions and current information and announcements.

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