Further Digital Resources

The Frankfurt Research Library of DIPF and the BBF offer access to electronic journals and databases of external providers. Some of these services are freely accessible, for other services, access is limited to the BBF premises by licensing terms.

Electronic Database of Journals (EZB)

The Electronic Database of Journals (Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek, EZB) offers a well-structured and uniform means of accessing scientific journals with articles that are available as full texts on the internet. A growing number of publishing houses are offering this kind of service.

The journals are sorted by subject categories. The enhanced search functionalities enable quick retrieval of the desired journal titles.

A traffic light system provides easily interpretable information concerning the status of availability. A green light indicates that a journal is freely accessible on the web, and you can immediately access the articles after following the link to the journal. A yellow traffic light indicates that owing to license agreements, the journal can only be viewed on our premises, either via computer workstations or by using our WLAN, which is free of charge. A yellow-red light indicates that only some of the years of publication, generally older ones, have been licenced. Please read the terms and conditions of the publishing houses.

Journals licensed by the DIPF


The digital journal archive DigiZeitschriften comprehends an increasingly growing stock of German retro-digitized journals that bear high scientific relevance. Currently DigiZeitschriften contains more than 700 journals with about 8 million pages. The BBF is a cooperation partner of DigiZeitschriften and presents part of its journals from the BBF digital library Scripta Paedagogica also over this portal.

DigiZeitschriften indexes all of the articles contained in the journals, and makes them available in PDF format. A full-text search mode is also offered. Owing to agreements with the publishing houses, the archive integrates the entire years of publication of journals up until the more recent years.This so-called "Moving Wall" varies between two and five years depending on the title of a journal.

Some the older volumes are freely accessible, full access to all volumes is limited to the premises of the BBF.


Database Information System (DBIS)

The Database Information System (DBIS) is a system that records general and subject scientific databases, openly accessible databases on the web as well as databases we have licensed for you, which you can only access from the BBF premises.

In the databases, you will find further references to literature but in some cases also the full texts of the recorded literature.

Similar to the Electronic Database of Journal (EZB), the databases are sorted by academic disciplines and the type of access is indicated by the traffic light system. It is also possible to search for a name, type of database or possible type of usage. Please read the descriptions of the respective databases to check for specific conditions of use.

Databases licensed by the DIPF