Interlinking Pictura – Presention of Bertuch's "Bilderbuch für Kinder" as Semantic Net

CEDIFOR funded a project entitled “Interlinking Pictura – Presention of Bertuch's "Bilderbuch für Kinder" as semantic net” which focuses on the 1,180 plates from a children’s book published by Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747–1822) – the “Bilderbuch für Kinder“. A virtual research environment provides a framework for analyzing, assessing and newly presenting the pictures in the context of other sources.

Project Description

The BBF hosts an archive of images for the history of education, Pictura Paedagogica with the aim of fostering research on images as sources of educational history. In order to improve possibilities regarding the analysis and assessment of images from Pictura Paedagogica, functionalities are constantly enhanced. Therefore, in cooperation with the Information Center for Education at the DIPF (IZB), the pilot project Interlinking Pictura realized the annotation and assessment of a selected and precisely defined corpus from Pictura Paedagogica in a virtual research environment.

The chosen corpus for the project was Bertuch’s “Bilderbuch für Kinder” a reknown children’s illustrated textbook. Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747–1822) began publishing his elaborately designed plates in 1790 and a final volume was published posthumously in 1830. The pictures show animals and plants, inventions, discoveries and historical events from all over the world. Bertuch thereby aimed to provide children with an overview of the knowledge that was available at his time.The plates were published as single issues containing a page of descriptive text per page of plate. In the first edition, this text was bilingual (German and French), while later editions also included texts written in Italian and English.

Interlinking Pictura gives a systematic and comprehensive insight in the entire contents of this work. The images of the plates are provided in good resolution. The plates are indexed: You will find information about the source and the depicted object, e.g. date of publication, artist, if indicated, scientific names of animals and plants. The original texts are available as image and as full text. Users may access the contents by volume, plates, geographic region or keywords.

Interested laypersons and scientists of diverse disciplines may now join in enriching the Wiki contents and thereby augmenting the knowledge about the historical publication.


The project received funding from CEDIFOR (Center for the Digital Foundation of Research in the Humanities, Social, and Educational Sciences).


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04/2017 – 05/2018
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Contact: Stefanie Kollmann