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Information Gateways

The BBF cooperates regarding the provision of portals in the area of educational research and history which comprise diverse information services, e.g. reviews, reference databases, directories of institutions and current information and announcements.

German Education Portal (Fachportal Pädagogik)

The German Education Portal (Fachportal Pädagogik) targets educational researchers, educational scientists and subject didactics. It offers access to

  • Scientific literature with an integrated search space and links to digitized full texts (including Open Access publications),
  • Empirical educational research data and research instruments;
  • Relevant research information for communities in the discipline.

The three areas above are interlinked, they can be searched across the portal and they are enriched with further relevant information (e.g. calendar of events).

The German Education Portal is run by the Information Center for Education of DIPF (IZB) with many partners, including the BBF.

German Education Portal

Portal for Research on History of Education (Historische Bildungsforschung Online, HBO)

Research on History of Education Online (Historische Bildungsforschung Online, HBO) is a gateway which offers information to German-speaking educational historians. It comprises postings of current events, conference reports, information about new research projects and reviews.

The BBF provides this service in cooperation with the Devision for the History of Education in the German Educational Research Association (DGfE).

Research on History of Education Online (HBO)

Clio-online (Gateway for the Historical Sciences)

Clio-online is the gateway for historical science in the German-speaking area. It comprises communication and information, particularly by providing the service H-Soz-u-Kult with reviews, news postings, conference reports and job advertisements, indexes of historical science websites, institutions and persons acting in the field. Furthermore, the Clio Guide serves as a guidebook on digital resources in the area of history.

The BBF participated in setting up the service, and it is a member of the association for maintaining and supporting it, "Clio-online – Historisches Fachinformationssystem e.V.".


last modified May 16, 2018