Scholarship Programme

The BBF, Research Library for the History of Education a department the DIPF, Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education is dedicated to research in the field of history of education in Germany and its international context. Particular focus is placed on social and cultural historical aspects concerning the history of school and other educational institutions in the 19th and 20th century, and the history of pedagogical and educational scientific discourse and its epistemological conditions. One of our major concerns lies in the promotion of young scientists in history of education, showing an interest in the archival and librarian materials of the BBF. Therefore, the BBF is offering scholarships for a research visit to Berlin.

The BBF holds major library and archival collections, thus providing a comprehensive scientific infrastructure for research projects in the history of education. We consider our services in terms of a forum for discussions in an international scientific perspective, particularly aiming to offer young researchers opportunities for exchange and networking.

What We Offer

At our institute, you will be able to benefit from our comprehensive archival and library collections in the field of history of education – you will be offered your own workplace in the science city of Berlin, in a pleasant atmosphere. A staff member will give personal advice and support you in your research. You are also welcome to ask for our assistance in organizational matters, e.g. regarding accommodation. Furthermore, you will be able to present your research results at the Humboldt University Berlin, cooperating partner of the BBF.

Who May Apply?

To apply for a BBF scholarship, you should have acquired an academic degree and preferably already have delivered research result matching our profile. More precisely, the scholarship programme targets doctoral students and postdocs. In exceptional cases, funding will be granted for graduate students in the final stage of their courses if they wish to avail themselves of our comprehensive collections to complete their thesis. We might ask you to present your research project, either as an internal event at BBF or as a public talk. Moreover, you will be asked to hand in a report at the end of your scholarship period at BBF. By accepting the stipend, you are committed to focusing on the research project and informing us if it is no longer possible to carry out the project we are funding. A selection committee (also involving external researchers) is in charge of granting the scholarships. No reasons will be given for grant or refusal of an application. There is no legal claim to a scholarship.

Application Deadlines

To apply for a scholarship between July and December complete documents need to be submitted by March 31st. Submission for a scholarship between January and June of the following year terminates on September 30th.

Application Form

Are you interested? Please find the application form for download here:

Please attach the following documents to the completed application form:

  • a curriclum vitae
  • an appraisal by your research supervisor
  • a list of your (academic) publications
  • photocopies of university certifications proving your qualifications/degrees
  • a detailed presentation of your project, either in German or English (three or four pages) giving reasons and objectives for your project, explanation of procedure and method, presentation of required sources from the BBF, description of work that has already been achieved, possible opportunities for cooperation with other researchers.

Please send your application (summarized in a single PDF document) to:

Professor Dr. Sabine Reh (YmJmQGRpcGYtaW5zdGl0dXQuZGU=), Director of the BBF | Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung at the DIPF, Warschauer Straße 34–38, 10243 Berlin, Germany. Please contact Dr. Tilman Drope, if you require any further information.