Wolfgang Klafki: Categorial Education

In the project, the state examination thesis "Categorial education. Concept and practice of reform pedagogical teaching between 1948 and 1952" written by Wolfgang Klafki (1927–2016) was edited and published for the first time.

Project Description

The project focuses on compiling an edition of the state examination thesis written by pedagogue Wolfgang Klafki in 1951. The first-time publication of Klafki’s second state examination thesis constitutes an educational historical publication that is first of all interesting from a professional and discipline-historical perspective.

The thesis does not only contain relevant preparatory work concerning categorial education, which he was to develop further in his subsequent doctoral thesis and many publications. His second state examination thesis also gives an insight into his instructional practices at the time of writing. Hence, it is a central element in Wolfgang Klafki’s biography.

In 1946, under difficult circumstances, Klafki enrolled in a four-semester course at the Pedagogical University of Hannover. He then took on a position as a junior teacher at two country schools in Schaumburg/Lippe, completing his second state examination in 1952.

Klafki took account of these experiences in his second state examination thesis, systematizing it by the categorial education concept he had developed on the basis of his intensive desktop research.


Klafki, Wolfgang (2013): Kategoriale Bildung. Konzeption und Praxis reformpädagogischer Schularbeit zwischen 1948 und 1952. Hrsg. und mit einer Einleitung versehen von Christian Ritzi und Heinz Stübig. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt. 194 S. (Quellen und Dokumente zur Geschichte der Erziehung) (Title in the library catalog)


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  • Martina Kirstein (BBF)


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Project type: Publishing project
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Research field: Pedagogical Knowledge – Institutions, Practices and Actors
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