Principles of the Constitution of Instruction

This dissertation discursively investigated practices of instruction at a Jena Plan School and offered a practice-theoretical research contribution to the contemporary debate about good instruction.

 Project Description

How instruction works – or does not work – points to practices that are required within school organization. The reform-pedagogical school represents multiple forms thereof. The present volume offers a praxis-theoretical contribution to the current discussions on instructional research. The reconstruction of practices and discourses emerge thereby both from ethnographic observations at a Jena Plan school. The reconstruction shows how Peter Petersen’s proposed integrated school concept is adapted and applied in contemporary instruction. The practices of conversation, play, work and celebration represent guiding principles of the constitution of instruction. They enable engagement with heterogeneity, transmission of competences, integration of differing achievement levels, and the configuration of the learning community.

The thesis was published as "Unterricht machen. Praktiken und Diskurse einer Reformschule".


Bittner, Martin (2015): Unterricht machen. Praktiken und Diskurse einer Reformschule. Weinheim/Basel: Beltz Juventa, 338 S. (Online URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-2015120813329)


Dr. Martin Bittner

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Project type: Qualification project
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02/2010 – 01/2014