History of Schools in Germany

The author is preparing a third, revised and enhanced edition of the standard volume on the history of schools in Germany from their beginning until today, “Schulgeschichte in Deutschland. Von den Anfängen bis in die Gegenwart”.

Project Description

The volume offers a comprehensive account of the history of school in Germany. Subject to a presentation of historical contexts, the author provides insights into developments in school legislation and school administration, education at school, taught subjects, the concept of achievement, teacher training and other fields of action. School-related politics are illustrated from the perspectives of different stakeholders, i.e. the state, churches, political parties and associations. References are drawn to international school development. The volume contains many images to illustrate the various thematic aspects.

Since 2013, when the second volume was issued, many works have been published that are relevant in school and educational historical contexts. Processes in society, politics and educational knowledge that belong to the period after 1990 and particularly the turn of the century have either progressed or become more visible.

Across the entire third edition of “Schulgeschichte in Deutschland” (= German school history) recent research results are integrated and if necessary statements and historical appraisals were specified. In particular, the closing chapter that focuses on the most recent developments was stronly revised. As before, special attention was paid to the inclusion of previously unpublished pictures that are meaningful from a historical and image-analytical perspective. The two-volume publication, with approximately 1,500 pages contains about 1,000 illustrations.


Geißler, Gert: Schulgeschichte in Deutschland. 3., erneut aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage. Berlin: Peter Lang Verlag, 2023.

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Project type: Publishing project
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01/2014 – 07/2023
Research field: Pedagogical Knowledge – Institutions, Practices and Actors
Contact: Gert Geißler