Attention. History – Theory– Empiry

The publication project taped into attention from a historical, theoretical and empirical perspective.

Project Description

In the pedagogical discourse, attention turns out to be a multiform, inconclusive phenomenon. Attention appears as a precondition and an objective, a means of and a limitation to pedagogy.

In 2013, the publication project was kicked off by a workshop with international participants, held at the BBF.

In 2015, a book was published entitled “Aufmerksamkeit. Geschichte – Theorie – Empirie” (Attention. History- Theory – Empiry) edited by Professor Dr. Sabine Reh, Dr. Kathrin Berdelmann and Dr. Jörg Dinkelaker. The book takes on the findings from the workshop and illustrates from a historical perspective how attention developed as a motive for pedagogical reflection while at the same time attention was produced as an element of pedagogical events itself. From an interdisciplinary, theoretical-systematic and empirical perspective, the authors discuss how experience is taken up in terms of “having become aware”, learning is picked on in terms of participation in shared attention, pedagogical actions are comprehended in terms of directing attention, and learning difficulties are pathologized in terms of attention deficiencies.


Reh, Sabine/Berdelmann, Kathrin/Dinkelaker, Jörg (Hrsg.) (2015): Aufmerksamkeit: Zur Geschichte, Theorie und Empirie eines pädagogischen Phänomens. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. (Online: DOI 10.1007/978-3-531-19381-6).


Thompson, Christiane/Reh, Sabine/Berdelmann, Kathrin; Dinkelaker, Jörg (Hrsg.)(2015): Aufmerksamkeit : Geschichte, Theorie, Empirie. - Wiesbaden: Springer VS. (Online:, letzter Abruf 27.03.2017)

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Project type: Publishing project
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10/2012 – 06/2015
Research field: Pedagogical Knowledge – Institutions, Practices and Actors
Contact: Sabine Reh