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A series of workshops was held to work out how the DIPF's and especially BBF's digital holdings can be used, cited and linked more intensively in Wikipedia, Wikidata and other free collaborative platforms, and how the DIPF can provide technical support for this. A further project goal was to strengthen the transfer of knowledge to broader interest groups, to encourage exchange and active participation, and to render this measurable through the development of impact indicators

Project Description

Many articles on Wikipedia offer links to openly accessible, digitized sources from the BBF – particularly to digitized personnel sheets for teachers in Prussia from the BBF archive and historical prints from the BBF text archive, Scripta Paedagogica. Texts that are published on pedDOCS, the Open Access Repository for electronic full texts in educational science and research, are also frequently cited. Via these links, DIPF he DIPF increases the impact of its openly accessible services on the internet. However, the potential has not yet been fully exhausted.

In the first part of the workshop series, which was led by experts, DIPF employees worked out ways to facilitate and thus improve the reception and linking of digital DIPF documents in or with Wikipedia and similar portals in order to strengthen the transfer of historical and current knowledge about education from the DIPF.

So far, there is only a latent knowledge of how data provided by the DIPF is used in Wikipedia and similar portals, and usage is not measurable. Therefore, in the second workshop, suitable altmetrics approaches for impact measurement were presented and discussed. The first approaches for the definition of suitable indicators were found, with which the impact of the resource-intensive production and provision of digital data or digital documents in Wikipedia and comparable knowledge portals can be measured and thus proven in the future.

In addition to the measurement, the transfer should also be increased if possible. In the last workshop, the aim was to make classical library services (generation of metadata, provision of information systems and documents) comprehensible as knowledge and data services in the field of semantically networked digital data from the perspective of knowledge transfer. The workshop, which was aimed at the scientific communities of educational research and educational history, was intended to stimulate work in the environment of the "Wikiverse". Through the active exchange, concrete new approaches emerged to expand information infrastructure services of the BBF and the DIPF in support of Open Science and Citizen Science.


The project was selected for funding following the DIPF internal competition “Transfer 2018” for the development of innovative transfer formats.

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01/2018 – 12/2020
Contact: Lars Müller