National Jewish Youth Culture and Zionist Education in Germany and Palestine between the World Wars

For the German-Israeli cooperation project funded by the DFG, the BBF archive is providing advice on data management and the securing of sources collected in abour 20 international archives.

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In the project, the focus of the educational-historical investigations was first of all on education as a national and social task of the heterogeneous national-Jewish youth culture in and after the First World War. Furthermore, developments of pedagogical ideas and practices of a multifaceted Zionist educational context were investigated, which enabled Jewish children and adolescents to receive an education and to emigrate to the then British Mandate territory of Palestine after 1933. The research was based on the assumption of the existence, continuity, and dynamics of educationally and pedagogically relevant networks in which several generations of youth-culturally and nationally Jewish-inspired women and men worked together transnationally.

The research focused on three significant pedagogical developments in the field of tension between youth movement/reform pedagogy in Germany and the Zionist labor and kibbutz movements in Palestine:

  • Siegfried Lehmann's social and reform pedagogically oriented projects in Berlin, in Kowno (Lithuania) and his youth village Ben Schemen in Palestine (1927),
  • the transformation of youth movement ideas of autonomous education and self-realization into Zionist community and work education in and for the kibbutz (Jungjüdischer Wanderbund, Brith Haolim, Givat Brenner)  and
  • the educational practices of youth aliyah in Palestinian kibbutzim and the Ben Schemen youth village after 1933 (as a comparative perspective).

In accordance with the DFG guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice, in this project as in its follow-up project, the BBF archive is responsible for the long-term availability of the project and research data. The collected data and the entire source corpus are transferred to the BBF, stored there in a structured manner and made available to all project participants via a suitable platform in accordance with legal requirements and contractual agreements.

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The project was funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation).


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