Indexing the Scientific Legacy of Gerd Hohendorf

Subject to funding from the Friends of the BBF, the scientific papers left by Gerd Hohendorf (1924–1993), a GDR educational scientist, were indexed.

Project Description

Gerd Hohendorf was an educational scientist, educational historian and teacher educator in the GDR. From 1953 until 1966, he initially taught and worked at the Pedagogical Institute Potsdam and subsequently at its successor, the Pedagogical University of Potsdam. In 1966, he was appointed to the Pedagogical University of Dresden where he taught and researched until 1981. Hohendorf was then seconded to the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the GDR. Both as a scientist and as a teacher educator, he distinctively shaped the development of the discipline.

His priorities of work concerned the history of education in the period from the mid-18th century to the end of World War II. It concerned reform pedagogy, educational politics and pedagogy of the German labor movement as well as school development in Germany. One of his last publications dealt with the institution of a school museum.

Christian Führ and Wolfgang Mitter recognized Gerd Hohendorf accomplishments, especially his research on Adolph Diesterweg, and his pan-German thinking in 1994 in their book entitled “Diesterweg verpflichtet. Beiträge zur deutschen Bildungsgeschichte“.

The complete papers have been indexed in the archive database:



Indexing of König’s legacy was funded by the Friends of the BBF.

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