Exploring Digital Humanities Procedures in Research on the History of Education

The project focuses on automatic indexing and assessment procedures of digital journal articles for the development of subject teaching. Its funding is based on a quality assured institutional competition.

Project Description

The exploration of digital humanities procedures in research on the history of education aimed at generating a corpus of digitized texts. The texts would subsequently be used to test automatic indexing and assessment methods for historical material and prepare a proposal to the German Research Foundation (DFG). Journals from the BBF stock that are relevant for developments in subject didactics were focused.

The corpus chosen for digitization and assessment consists of 28 journals with altogether 447 volumes (approximately 185,000 pages), published between 1852 and 1925. Based on this selected corpus of journals, it is possible to run a longitudinal study of transformations of subject-specific discourses on instructional practice. It is also possible to research tendencies and trends of certain phenomena, which can then be visualized by means of digital instruments. It would be considerably difficult to apply traditional human sciences research methods in the context.


The project competed successfully when DIPF invited its staff to participate in a competition for the strategic development of departmental activities. The competition was sourced from external funding overheads.

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12/2014 – 08/2015
Third-Party Funded Project
Contact: Stefan Cramme