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"Komm, Sing mit!" Reconstruction of Practices of Music Education in the GDR

"Komm, Sing mit!" Reconstruction of Practices of Music Education in the GDR

The dissertation project examines music education in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) between 1949 and 1990 from a historical-praxeological perspective.

Project Description

The doctoral student investigates subject lesson practices that constituted music education in the GDR as well as how music lessons were designed and implemented. Additionally, the project aims to investigate the degree to which music lessons played a special role in the Socialist curriculum and moved between the poles of marginalization and ideologization.

The project reconstructs the instructional practices shaped by the teachers by drawing on teaching materials, ego documents, and contemporary witness interviews. This allows an approach to the operative level of classroom and instructional proceedings.

The research project draws on a current methodological tendency of using different kinds of materials from lessons and about lessons as sources of “observation” of practices. The researcher’s aim is not only to explore everyday school life, but also to reconstruct historically what happened in music lessons in the GDR beyond programmatic pronouncements. The project is thus distinct from other works in the field, which mostly refer to the programmatic objectives represented in curricula or methodological-didactic publications.

The dissertation participates in debates in the field of historiographical instructional research, questioning what constitutes subject-specific instruction. Against this backdrop, the thesis aims to contribute to questions concerning the educational task of school instruction and the political aspects of subject-specific instruction in general.

Project Management

Josefine Wähler, M.A.

Project Details

Project type: Qualification project
Current projects
11/2014 – 11/2018
Research field: Historical Practice of School, Instruction and Education
Contact: Josefine Wähler
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