Digital BBF

The digital collections of the BBF

The BBF has digitized selected parts of its holdings and provides free access to these collections via the internet.

Scripta Paedagogica Online is a digital text archive on the history of education in the German-speaking countires. It contains more than one million pages digitized from educational and religious educational journals, monographs, reference works, teacher directories, school programs and annual school reports.

The Editions comprise the Complete letters by Friedrich Fröbel and Correspondence between Eduard Spranger and Käthe Hadlich.

Pictura Paedagogica Online is the digital archive of images in educational history. This service contains illustrations of books, historical postcards, photographs and pupils’ drawings.

Vox Paedagogica Online is a digital archive of audio recordings focusing on the history of education in German-speaking countries in the 20th century with self portraits of retired education scientists.